Belmont Approach

Our investment approach is creative and flexible, so that the best opportunities to unlock value can always be seized.

The Belmont Approach

Belmont is highly selective and disciplined in choosing which real estate projects to become engaged in.

Our team is extremely hands-on in all aspects of every project, ensuring focus on our core principles: alignment with our partners, accountability and delivery of results.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values: Alignment, Accountability, Delivery


  • Because we invest together with our partners, our incentives are always aligned.
  • Belmont is aligned with both institutional and private capital partners, allowing us to be flexible with the types and sizes of real estate investment we pursue.


  • By investing alongside our partners, we put our own capital on the line.
  • Our approach is professional and transparent.
  • We analyze and quantify risks for our partners, always being selective and disciplined in our investment strategy.


  • Our reputation is built on dedication, hard work and providing best-in-class solutions for our end users, while at the same time delivering results for our stakeholders.
  • Our entrepreneurial approach to real estate allows us to identify valuable investment prospects that are not readily identifiable by other firms.
  • Our team is composed of high achievers with a sense of pride in our relationships with tenants, the brokerage community and partners; we accept nothing less than excellence.

Featured Project

Place Innovation Office Campus, Montreal, Quebec

Read how we outperformed the market and achieved a 99.6% occupancy rate.

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